How to keep your weight loss motivation sky high.

For anyone wanting ripped abs weight loss motivation is the single biggest factor to take into consideration. Although ab exercises are needed for six pack definition these exercises alone become pointless if you can't see your abs because they are hidden by layers of fat.

It is a fact that removing this fat can only be done if you follow the right diet which is not easy and requires a lot of mental strength to stick to and this is were having the right weight loss motivation is crucial. In fact this is so important that I believe it to be the single biggest factor in deciding who will succeed and get rock hard abs and who won't.

This might seem like quite a big statement to make but you would be surprised at just how many people spend their time looking for the secret workout, supplement or exercise to give them washboard abs when the real secret is to stick to what works and have the confidence, patience and determination to let it work. To ensure that you are always motivated and full of enthusiasm for both your training and your diet there are several tips and techniques that can help tremendously.

Progress pictures

First and foremost you should take photos of your abs from the moment you begin your six pack quest. Nothing can motivate you like seeing your progress with your own eyes and having photos from the start and regular updates showing just how much more definition is now visible can be a truly excellent way of keeping you motivated and full of excitement for the future.

This simple but very effective tip is what I used myself when I was following my abs program and I can say hand on heart that it gave me a huge lift just when I needed it. One of the reasons that it works so well is that it is quite common to forget just how bad things were at the start and therefore very easy to underestimate just how much progress has been made. However, a quick look at before and after photos soon brings home just how far you have come and fills you full of determination to progress further.

When you take your pictures try to ensure that you get the best lighting possible and that you are in a natural pose without either pulling in the abs or sticking them out. Also make sure you take pictures from both the front and side and update them every few weeks to see your progress from yourself.

Photos of great abs.

Another simple trick to ensure weight loss motivation is to get some photos of anyone with the type of abdominal definition that you aspire to have yourself. The photos can be of anyone who you think has great abs or even better they can be photos of sporting heroes who you admire. You then keep these pictures on display somewhere were you will see them on a regular basis and begin to visualise your own abs becoming as strong, muscular and defined as the ones you are looking at.

This technique was used by the bodybuilding and film legend Arnold Schwarzenegger when he began training as a teenager and he would regularly visualise his body becoming as big and muscular as his hero Reg Park. Needles to say that his physique went onto become as big and then surpass that of his hero.

Inspirational films, books and documentaries.

If you do find your weight loss motivation beginning to sag a great way to give yourself a boost of enthusiasm is to watch a film that fires you up to train hard and keep to your diet. I have always found the Rocky films work for me as do documentaries about people who have overcome very difficult situations to go on and reach there goals.

I have also found extra staying power through reading autobiographies about outstanding people and an example that springs to mind is the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. When I learnt how he had endured over 25 years of imprisonment on Robin Island for standing up for his belief's it put my discomfort of dieting for a few months into perspective.

Keeping a diet and training journal.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your weight loss motivation high and also check you are on course with your training program is to keep a diet and training journal. Within the journal you should keep accurate records of your weight, body measurements, number of calories consumed each day as well as the number of sets and repetitions done in workouts.

By keeping this record you always know how much progress is being made and if you are feeling disheartened nothing can inspire you like a quick look at were you were at the start and how far you have come. Keeping a journal is so important that the bodybuilding legend Frank Zane said it was the single biggest factor in his success.


My final tip to supercharge your weight loss motivation is to regularly practise visualising how you will look once all the hard work is done and you have built your rock hard abs.

This is such an effective way of staying motivated that all sports psychologists use this technique when working with professional sportsmen and athletes and it also works wonders for anyone who is following an abs diet as seeing yourself with the perfect abdominal development really helps prevent you from straying. You can also make your workouts far more productive by visualising how much weight will be used and the number of repetitions and sets you will do before you do your training.

This is a trick that I have always used myself in all my training including martial arts and it is so effective that if I ever find myself struggling to master a new technique like a complex jumping kick I simply spend time visualising myself performing it with perfect form and in no time at all I can do it for real.


Staying on course with the diet and training for ripped abs is not easy and takes a lot of mental strength. It is normal for anyone to have moments of doubt or weakness so don't be alarmed if you find yourself wavering just use the tips here and you will soon find yourself full of the enthusiasm needed for success.

Good luck.

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