The truth about abs, a 10 point guide.

There are so many old wife's tales and downright lies written that the truth about abs can be confusing and anyone can be forgiven for being unsure about how to get the perfect six pack. To point people in the right direction I have written the 10 point truth about abs guide to let you know what is fact and what is fiction.

(Fiction) Do slimming tablets work? Stop it! Only the prescription drugs Xenical and Reductil have been proven to work in clinical trails and even they only work if you follow a calorie controlled diet. A calorie controlled diet will work without taking pills so why not stick to what is healthy.As for the slimming pills you can buy over the counter, none have been proven to help you lose weight but all will help you lose money.

(Fiction) Do the expensive ab machines you see on the shopping channel work. Yes! they are truly brilliant for separating you from your money. Will they give you a six pack? I'm afraid not, the worst of them take your body through the wrong range of movement and will injure you, the best of them are no more effective than a good ab exercise.

(Fact) Cardio is important for great abs? Although you can get great abs without doing cardio it is great for burning up calories and therefore fat, so run Forest run.

(Fact) Weight training is important for ribbed abs. As with cardio you can get great abs without doing weight training but it helps to maintain muscle mass during dieting. Also, muscle needs calories so the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn.

(Fiction) You can get a six pack eating fast foods and takeaways? Theoretically yes but in reality no. You will burn fat whatever food you eat as long as you take in less calories than you need. The problem with fast foods is they contain lots of calories so you can only have one or two meals per day before you reach you daily calorie allowance. They also have very little nutrition and the end result of such a diet is that you feel hungry all the time and are lacking in vital nutrients.

(Fact) Wholesome foods are the best for ripped abs, why? Because wholesome foods such as green vegetables, fruit, brown rice and jacket potatoes are crucial for getting ripped abs because they allow you to stay on a reduced calorie diet without feeling hungry while still getting all the vital nutrients for health and well being.

(Fact) The abdominal muscles react to stimuli the same as all the other muscle groups. Therefore to develop big and strong abdominal muscles you have to train them the same as any other muscle. You wouldn't do sets of 100 bench press to build a good chest so do not do hundreds of crunches and expect to build great abs. Instead do intense ab exercises and keep to low reps by continually progressing to more advanced stomach muscle exercises.

(Fact) Any ab exercises regardless of how good it is can only build the size and strength of the abdominal muscles. What they cannot do is remove belly fat..

(Fact) The only way to remove the fat from around your belly is to follow a diet that creates a calorie deficit (taking in less calories than you use). The ideal target to aim for is to take in 500 less calories per day than you need and as a result most people lose 1 pound of fat per week. Any more than this is not recommend for many reasons not least the fact that you then start to lose lots of muscle mass and can end up looking fat and skinny at the same time.

(Fiction) Doing hundreds of crunches or sit ups will give you a perfect six pack. The reason they won't is because they are isolation exercises that use very few calories and so are useless for burning fat. Also the fact that you can do hundreds of sit ups or crunches in the first place means that they are far to easy to build muscle and strength and will only develop muscular endurance. How in effective these exercises are can be see by Mark Preltz braking the world record for sit ups. He did thousands of sit ups each day for months to prepare for his attempt and to break the record he did 45,000 in 58 hours, but guess what? He doesn't have a six pack. I say this not to disrespect Mark because his was an amazing achievement that took real dedication and mental strength but it does show that doing hundreds of sit ups and crunches is pointless

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