How I got perfect abs.

My quest for perfect abs.

Hi my name is mike and I am co founder of My own story began when I was 16 and took up amateur boxing. The training was intense and full of fat burning circuits and every ab exercise that you can think of. Because of such intense training and the fact that I was young and only weighed 9 stone I had no problem getting perfect abs and that was without following any special diet. In fact it was so easy that I took it for granted.

After a number of years of involvement in amateur boxing I moved on to kick boxing and again my youth and the vast amount of cardiovascular exercise needed to fight meant my abs were in perfect condition despite not eating particularly healthy food.

In my early twenties I got married, had kids, studied to become a personal trainer and eventually bought my own gym. It was at this point that my abs began to disappear but so slowly that I hardly noticed. The reasons were a combination of age slowing down my metabolism, a lack of training and bad diet. Although it may seem strange that someone who owns a gym would suffer a lack of training but this is not uncommon as the nature of the job means you become so busy training everybody else that you have very little time left for yourself.

This went on for a number of years but when I reached my thirties and realised how far my definition had deteriorated I decided to get myself back in shape and ensured that I made time for the training program that I has devised. However, after several months of exercising properly although I was far fitter and stronger than I had been for some time I was still unimpressed with my lack of a six pack. I went back to the drawing board and soon realised that although my training program was good and contained enough fat burning circuits and ab exercises for the job I wanted them to do I had not incorporated a proper weight loss diet into my regime.

The reason for this over site on my part was because my athletic build had always meant that I had never needed to lose weight before not even when I had boxed. I therefore began following a healthy weight loss diet ensuring that I consumed 500 calories per day less than I needed and the change was noticeable within a few weeks and I had perfect abs within 3 months.

The lesson to be learned from my experience is that if you want a washboard stomach then ab exercises alone will not be enough to get the job done. In fact even a complete program of the right cardiovascular fat burning circuits, ab exercises and resistance training will not be enough for most people to get ripped abs unless this training is also complimented with the right weight loss diet to reduce your fat percentage down to 10 percent for men or 14 percent for women.

Good luck.

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