The best oblique ab exercises to help solve the problem of love handles.

There are many oblique ab exercises for the problem area of the outer obliques or (love handles) but it is fair to say that some are far more effective than others. If you are unsure which exercises work the obliques the easiest explanation is that any exercise that involves rotating at the trunk or bending at the side will exercise the obliques or side ab muscles.

The most common oblique ab exercises that you will see many people do in the gym are the side twist which involves holding a pole across your shoulder blades and rotating your trunk and side bends which involve holding a dumbbell and bending at the side. Neither one of these exercises is particularly effective and better results are gained from other ab exercises such as crunch twists, the bicycle and spiderman press ups.

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However, the most effective exercises for the obliques by far are the side plank, side plank dips and then when you are strong enough the ultimate star fish side plank. The best way to build up to the star fish is to follow the system of progression that you can see in the video I have done.

Also, remember that although these exercises will build the size and strength of the outer obliques the problem most people have with this area is not a lack of muscle but large fat deposits. It is these fat deposits that are responsible for the dreaded love handles and no oblique ab exercises will remove this fat. The only way to do so is to create a calorie deficit by following the right ripped abs diet.

If you follow a good diet and build up your oblique strength until you are strong enough to hold the star fish side plank for 60 seconds. You will have absolutely awesome obliques that are fat free and have the look of a well chiselled Greek sculpture. All you need to do is follow the rules and have patience and you cannot fail to get the look you want and that is a scientific fact the only variable is the time it takes the individual.

Good Luck.

Seated side twists

Side bends

The spiderman press up

The bicycle

The Side plank

Side plank dips

The Star fish side plank

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