The guide to lower ab exercises.

Finding good lower ab exercises is an aspect of stomach training that many people struggle with because on the surface it can seem that there are very few options to choose from.

If you take into consideration that many people are also unsure of which core exercises actually work the lower abs and that for most people the lower stomach is the last part of the belly to lose the body fat needed to show off ripped abs you can understand why some can feel frustrated at the lack of progress being made.

However, the real story is far simpler than it appears and in fact there are there lots of great lower ab exercises for everyone to try regardless of present fitness levels. So if you follow the guidelines outlined here you cannot fail to build an six pack. All that is required is a bit of dedication and the patience to let your abdominal definition action plan take effect.

The first key thing to remember especially if you are unsure if a particular exercise is working the lower abs is that any exercise that involves lifting the legs will exercise the lower abdominal muscles.

Therefore, exercises were the main movement is lifting the legs such as leg raises and the captains chair are primary lower stomach exercises and those that involve lifting the legs as well as the trunk at the same time such as the double crunch and bicycle exercise will tend to work the upper, middle and lower stomach at the same time.

Conversely, any exercise that involves lifting only the trunk such as the standard crunch or sit up will exercise only the middle and upper abdominal muscles.

Now that we know how to tell if an exercise is working the lower stomach the next question is what are the best lower ab exercises?

Well, for anyone just starting a six pack program the best ones are the reverse crunch, leg tuck, mountain climbers and the hanging leg tuck.

For anyone who has trained for a few months and is reasonably fit the best exercises to do are the captain's chair, L seat tuck, L seat with straight legs, spiderman press up and hanging leg raise to waist height.

For anyone who has incorporated core exercises in their training for many months and considers themselves to have very strong abdominal muscles one of the best lower ab exercises is the Dragon flag which is an extremely advanced six pack exercise that takes amazing stomach muscle strength to execute.

However, the best single exercise that anyone with good stomach muscle strength can do for the lower abs is without a doubt the full hanging leg raise.

This advanced core exercise which involves hanging from a bar and lifting your legs all the way up to touch the bar will take most people a few months to master but once you have done so and can do 3 - 4 sets of 10 repetitions you will have lower ab muscles as strong as it is possible to have.

It is also important to understand that although the right stomach exercises will build the size and strength of your core muscles they alone will not remove the belly fat that hides them.

To remove the abdominal fat and display the ripped abs that your stomach exercises have developed you need to lose bodyweight fat by following the right diet to create a calorie deficit (consuming less calories than you need to maintain your present weight) of around 500 less per day.

If you do this you will be on target to lose approximately one pound of body fat per week.

In conjunction with your six pack diet it is also advisable to include some kind of cardiovascular exercise to help burn up more calories (The most effective is fat burning circuit training) and it is also advisable to do some weight training or bodyweight exercises to maintain as much muscle mass ass possible while following your six pack diet.

This will not only will that ensure the final results are more impressive but also has the advantage of increasing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) so that your body becomes more efficient at burning up excess calories.

Good luck

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