Will your fat burning diet work?

It is perhaps understandable why many people wonder if their fat burning diet will work as there are so many myths and old wife's tales about how and why diets work. You might also be wondering why you would want to follow a weight loss program in the first place if your only concern is getting a six pack. This article is designed to let you know why you need to burn fat, and how the right diet works to achieve your goal.

First let me say that it is impossible to have great looking abs unless you burn the fat that hides them. The ab exercises that you do will make the abdominal muscles bigger and stronger giving you well developed stomach muscles but despite this you will not be able to see them unless you rid yourself of the belly fat that covers them.

To do this you must get your body-fat percentage down to 10% for men and 14% for women and this can only be done by losing weight. This is a simple fact that many people don't appreciate mainly because of the misleading ads on the internet that suggest that you can build muscle and get abs at the same time. I can tell you now that this is impossible because you would be asking your body to do two contradictory things at the same time i.e lose weight to burn fat and put weight on to get bigger. It is for this reason that if you want six pack abs you will have to lose weight.

To achieve the goal of losing weight your fat burning diet is crucial. While your cardio plays its part and defiantly helps to burn calories, unless you have the time to dedicate many hours per day to doing aerobic exercise like professional athletes can, you simply can't burn enough calories by exercise alone to lose weight. So a fat burning diet is needed for six pack abs but do such diets work?

It is a well established fact that a very high percentage of people who undergo a weight loss diet fail. Why they fail is down to two reasons, the first reason is that many people don't know enough about how to lose weight and therefore they try to follow a diet plan that is flawed and cant possibly succeed. The good news on this front is that the right diet is not a complicated process to put in place.

You can find out everything you need to know by reading our ripped abs diet plan but in a nut shell all you have to do is find out how many calories you would need to stay the same weight and then reduce it by 500 per day while ensuring all the calories you consume are from wholesome foods. If you do this you should lose around 1 pound of body fat per week until you reach your body-fat % target, that is how easy the right diet plan is.

The second and by far the more common reason people fail with their fat burning diet is not having the mental strength to follow it until the finish line. This might seem a bit harsh but I can honestly say that after 20 years in the fitness industry it is true. Not only that but the same people also fool themselves and everybody else who will listen into believing that the reason they are not losing weight is that diets don't work. Well no they don't if you don't stick them, but it is a scientific fact that if you consume less calories than your body needs it has no option but to burn fat to ensure your survival.

A simple tale of how people try to deceive themselves was observed by myself resonantly when a friend had been told by her Doctor to lose weight to help with her bad back problem. I listened to her telling an acquittance on the phone that despite her best efforts her diet wasn't working, 20 minutes after this conversation my friends takeaway arrived full of enough calories to feed three people. As funny as this story is I can say that this is far more common than is believed.

At the same time I do have sympathy with people who find their fat burning diet difficult because it is not an easy thing to stick to. I resonantly followed my weight loss diet to get back my six pack abs after an accident had prevented me from training for several months. I succeed in my goal and now have great ab definition after losing nine Kilos in three months.

However, I can say that it wasn't easy and sometimes it was downright hard going and that's because to lose weight you have to eat less food than your body wants and as a consequence of that I felt slightly hungry most of the time. The same feeling of being slightly hungry is what anyone following a weight loss diet has to get used to but the trick is to ensure that you eat 4 to 5 small meals per day so that you never allow yourself to go from feeling slightly hungry to absolutely starving.

Now for the good news, first take confidence in the fact that if you follow the simple diet advise that you now have and stick to it 100% I guarantee that you will lose the weight needed for great abs. Second, I speak from experience when I say that after a week or two of following a diet it becomes far easier and you will find that any cravings you might have for high fat or sweet foods will disappear. Not only that but eventually you get to a point were even the thought of eating such foods makes you feel nauseous. Third and perhaps best of all is that once you have lost the required amount of weight and you have your ripped abs you do not have to be anywhere near as strict with your diet to keep them. Yes, you have to have control but as long as you keep exercising regularly and the majority of your diet is made up of healthy food you will find that you can have treats on a regular basis and still possess awesome abdominal definition. The reason for this great situation is that when you have six pack abs you no longer need to lose weight and just have to ensure you don't gain any, and this is far easier to do.

So remember if you want great stomach muscle definition then ab exercises alone will not get you it. You will also have to follow a fat burning diet to get your body-fat percentage down to the right level. However, take comfort in the fact that it will work as long as you stick to it and remember that your fat burning diet gets easier very quickly and once you have you great abs regular exercise makes it very easy to keep them.

Good Luck.

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